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The Philadelphia Psychedelic Society is dedicated to providing resources for therapeutic psychedelic healing and creating open forum discussions through community building events. For more information visit the American Psychedelic Society.


Microdosing  or Psychedelic Consultation

Need help getting started? We are here for you. Book a psychedelic or microdosing consultation to determine the best strategy for your psychedelic needs.

Psychedelic Facilitators


Psychedelic Facilitators is a group of experienced professionals that will hold a safe space for you during your psychedelic journey.  


Psychedelic Integration Counseling

Integrate your psychedelic experiences to allow for life changing transformations and deep healing. 


Psychedelic Substances

Discover the physical and mental healing benefits of common psychedelic substances.


Psychedelic Preparation

Psychedelic preparation guide discussing dosage, mindefulness, set and setting, psychedelic journey and integration. 


Psychedelic Diet

Prepare for your psychedelic experience with a high vibrational diet.

Societies & Practitioners


Get connected to your psychedelic communities and organizations.

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