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Psychedelic Diet


Psychedelic Diet

Every choice emits a vibration for yourself and therefore the world. Choices are either helpful or harmful. The food you put into your body should have purpose. Is it truly serving you?

Everything in life is vibrational. - Albert Einstein

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. - Nikola Tesla

Eating a high vibrational frequency diet will allow you to obtain the most from your psychedelic experience. Plant medicines in particular have a high vibrational frequency that you can connect with on a deeper level by eating high vibrational foods. The more you can connect with the medicine the greater your healing experience will be.


High Vibrational = Healing


Emotions are vibrational as well. Love, happiness and joy are high vibrational while fear, loneliness and anger are low vibrational. 


Trauma specifically vibrates at a low frequency, keeping our body and spirit at this frequency until it's released. Psychedelics help us raise our vibrational frequency by assisting us with releasing stored trauma.

The consciousness of a living being is set by the frequency of the matter that makes up the body. The foods we eat have consciousness and provide an energetic blueprint that stabilizes and entrains matter and energy for us when consumed.

In 1992, Bruce Tainio, head of the Department of Agriculture at Washington University, developed a Calibrated Frequency Monitor that originally was developed to study the frequency of food, but also has been used to measure the frequencies of the human body. John Hopkins University also used this device to study frequency in relationship to diseases. They determined that disease starts when the frequency drops to 58 Hz or below.


Every organ and cell in our body vibrate to a certain frequency; the food we eat, the electronic devices we use, and our environment.


Vibrational Frequency of Food

Chicken and beef - 2 MHz
Greens - 70-90 MHz
Fresh produce measured up to - 15 MHz  
Dry herbs - 12-22 MHz
Fresh herbs - 20-27 MHz
Processed / canned food - 0 MHz 


How do you Increase your vibration?

  • ​Diet - Incorporate food items that have a higher vibrational frequency and eliminate low vibrational frequency food items. Where do I start?

  • Exercise - Adopt an exercise routine that focuses on absorbing energetic vibrations from the ether. For instance, tai chi, yoga, dance etc.

  • Positive Thoughts - Don’t watch news or listen to anything negative. Read good books, think good thoughts, and associate only with positive people. Stay away from all forms of gossip, criticism or fault finding.
  • Meditate - Adopt a meditation practice that resonates with you. This is one of the quickest ways to elevate your energy.

  • Practice Love and Kindness - Live from your heart and love everyone unconditionally. Send blessings and loving vibrations to everyone who crosses your path throughout the day. This will not only alter your own vibrational frequency but also positively impact the lives of many others.


Characteristics of High Vibrational People

  • Magnetic and charming - even in a room full of people you can’t help but feel drawn to them.

  • Extremely attractive - they may or may not be conventionally beautiful, but their aura is such that you can’t help but find them super attractive.

  • Happy and positive - you always find a smile on their face.

  • Glowing and radiant - both inside and out.

  • Loving, compassionate and kind.

  • Impossible to ignore - You can love them or hate them but it’s impossible to ignore them.

  • Powerful - when they speak, other people listen to them attentively.

  • Respected by many and respectful towards others.

  • Intuitive - they can sense what others are thinking or feeling.

  • Intelligent - their words and actions are infused with wisdom.

  • Emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually evolved and constantly growing.

  • Pleasant to be around - you automatically feel energized and uplifted in their presence.

  • Self-aware - they are conscious of what they are feeling, thinking, doing and thinking.

  • Creative - they are often teeming with new ideas and are constantly ready on embark on new creative adventures.

  • Emotionally balanced Confident and self-loving.

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